Shaun Morris AIA

Shaun is a licensed architect based in Cambridge, MA.  He graduated from the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya in Barcelona and the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona with a Master degree in Architecture and Urban Culture. His professional experience spans over 10 years with offices in the US and Spain and he has designed a wide range of projects including public libraries and cultural centers, research campuses, Universities and large scale dormitory and housing projects. He has won multiple competitions both individually and collaboratively. Recently, at KVA matX in Boston he has helped design the new building for UPenn Law School and currently with Rahul Mehrotra and RMA Architects is engaged in the design of projects in Mumbai and Europe.

Recent collaborations

Lefteris Theodosis
Lefteris Theodosis is a practicing architect and a researcher currently based in Barcelona. Educated in Architecture Engineering (NTUA) he holds a Master degree in Theory and History of Architecture (UPC) and the “Metropolis” Master degree in Architecture and Urban Culture (CCCB-UPC). His PhD thesis (in progress) focuses on the work and theory of Constantinos A. Doxiadis (1913-1975), and the redefinition of the architectural profession and design in the Cold War era. Other scholar projects and publications cut through the areas of Urban Planning, Housing Policy, and Decolonization in the Middle East. As an architect he has been engaged in Institutional and Infrastructure building projects, Urban Design and Territorial Planning schemes. As a researcher he is interested in intrepid cultural tactics that bring forward Scenius, copy-left, and soulful projects.

Jason Michael Fay
After completing his BARC at Wentworth Institute of Technology he relocated, leaving his home state for New York City.  In 2007 he and a partner opened an office in Tribeca. His firm offers services that include interior, custom furniture design as well as architectural services creating integrated and cohesive projects. With project types ranging from lofts and apartments to townhouse renovations, roof top additions and ground up residential throughout the northeast. He also has been continuously working on renovations at the Little Red School House in the village since 2007 as well as advocacy work building houses with Habitat in Uganda.

Matt Coffey
Raised a carpenters apprentice on Cape Cod, his interest in construction was formative. After the Wentworth BARC program and years with a Boston firm, he moved to Martha’s Vineyard and is currently designing high performance homes with South Mountain Company. Receiving the Martha’s Vineyard Vision Fellowship encouraged a diverse sustainability education at The Ecosa Institute (AZ), The Glenn Murcutt Master Class (Australia) and with the Biomimicry Guild (Costa Rica). After a recent NESEA Master Class on net zero home design and three years in his own net zero home, he is bringing direct experience to high performance design. As board member of the Island Housing Trust he is focused on immediate environmental issues and the legacy of the built environment.